How to create a contract in Legislate

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When you log in to your Legislate account, select the relevant Team on the left hand side. The Teams function allows you to organise your legal agreements and ensure access is restricted to team members only.



Click Create a contract, give your bundle a name and click Continue.

You can give your folder a name which will contain the relevant agreements. 



From the list of potential agreements select the contract you want to create (or get in touch with support to add your own template) and click Continue.


After reading the disclaimer, confirm you understood by ticking the box and click Create. 


You will then be greeted with the contract creation screen. On the left, you can set terms, add parties and sign your agreement. On the right you can track changes, activity and view your agreement.



Set out the terms 

Set the terms to your agreement by completing and saving each section.



Add Parties

Head to the People tab to add parties to your contract.



Add your side by clicking the Employer button and specify if the employer is a person or a company. 


Fill out the company details and click Save. 

Add a signatory who will sign on behalf of the company, input their details and click Save. 


To add the other party to your agreement, click the Employee button.

Select whether the employee is a person or a company.

Select who will sign the agreement.

Fill out their details.

You will now be asked whether you want to invite the parties now or later.


If you select invite now the person signing your contract will receive an email inviting them to sign up with Legislate and sign the agreement. 

If you wish to invite later, when you are ready, you can head to the parties tab and click the envelope icon next to the party you wish to invite. 


The parties you add will be reflected on the right hand side. You can chose whether you want to invite now or later. 


Review and Sign

In the Contract checklist tab, you can track the steps required to complete your contract. Once the terms have been set and the parties have been invited, your contract is ready for signature.

You can review your contract in the Overview tab. 


In the Sign tab, you can search specific terms in the agreement and click Sign contract when ready to sign.



To sign, you can draw on screen or upload a signature from your device. When you have signed or uploaded click Sign.



If signed by mistake you can remove signature in the signature tab by clicking on the rubbish bin icon. 


When the other party signs the agreement, you contract will be complete and stored in the relevant team.




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